Friday, November 4, 2011

Costume Creations

I love Halloween & I love sewing & I love dressing up my family and myself.

The first costume I finished this year was a Yellow Crayon (by special request). Ivy saw an advertisement with crayon costumes and decided that was what she wanted. She loves yellow. Every time she colors she looks for the yellow crayon! For this costume I flew-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I created a tube that would fit around her, cut out the black accents and sewed them on to the tube. Then I made an oval shaped piece to go on top of the tube to hold the costume on her shoulders. After it was all together I cut a hole in the top for her head, put it on her and marked where to cut the arm holes. I also created a cone hat and covered it with felt. I left the back open so she could run, jump, dance and sit down easily. My favorite part is the word 'Yellow' on the side . . . just like a Crayola crayon!

The next costume I completed was Caesar! I made the entire costume, head to toe. And I had such a blast.

My favorite part of his costume was the sandals. I traced his foot and cut out 2 layers of craft foam and 1 layer of cardboard. I covered them with fabric and hot glue, cut off the excess fabric and put the separate pieces together. I just love those long straps wrapped around his legs!

Holly's costume was "Super H". We have an old cape I made when Hazel was 3 that has an appliqued "H" on the back. I figured it was the perfect time to recycle it.

 Check out that puking pumpkin. My hubby was so proud of it.

The big girls painted a pumpkin. There were two faces on opposite sides. They were both vampires

Hazel was a rockstar. No one in particular, just herself.  I re-purposed a woman's shirt from a thrift store into a dress for her and made a simple vest out of black lace.
Sage was a few different characters. When you have 3 different opportunities to dress up, why not?!! At the ward Halloween party she was Hermione. For the school dance and Halloween night she dressed as Rapunzel.

I was Cleopatra and I had so much fun just preparing to dress up. There are an unreal amount of video tutorials on how to do Cleopatra make-up. I used a black dress I had in my closet and created the neck/shoulder piece, belt and cape myself. The make-up and hair really brought it all together though. Holly cried the first time I did a test run. And on the nights I was all dressed up she wasn't too sure of me. My Mom and sister commented that they didn't recognize me when they first saw the photos. Excellent! That means I did a good job!!

It was pretty cold Halloween night so we dressed in a few more layers. Ivy was wearing two coats, allowing her to have the most stamina of the night. When the older girls were done trick-or-treating for the night due to the cold, she wanted to keep going. She ran up to the doors for the whole last block! And she had so many compliments on her costume, which made Mommy feel pretty good.

We ended Halloween night by stopping at our good friends' to chat for a few minutes. My friend Jen created awesome Angry Birds costumes completely on her own. Aren't they great? She did an amazing job.

I just love all the creating that Halloween brings.

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  1. Oh my word! I can't get over that crayon costume - adorable!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my thread holder!! Have an awesome day!!