Tuesday, August 2, 2011

garage projects

Since moving into our new home I've really loved having more space, an actual office area, a big backyard, an ensuite (what a treat!), a pantry and a beautiful kitchen. But the one thing I've enjoyed the most so far is having our very first garage!! It has become my little workshop and I love it. There are always so many things I want to do, but I didn't always have a place to start something and leave it. In our last place I could leave projects outside if I knew it wasn't going to rain or there wasn't any snow. But space was limited, kids were in that space constantly when it was nice out, and with children you get interrupted too many times to take a chance!
So this garage/workshop of mine has been AWESOME!!
This has led to a new addiction for me - Kijiji!! I've gotten some great deals from Kijiji which has helped to furnish our home a bit more and it has spurred on my creativity!

For one of my purchases I decided I wanted something different for our TV setup and I found this great old Ikea hutch for $30. It was gray and I thought "I can make this look even better!"
  I started by painting it white. Then I started to sand, and it looked fantastic and I was getting super excited. I was ready to start making it look antique and distressed so I rubbed Dark Walnut stain on it and I ruined it!
I was so disappointed! It looked even worse than the photos. I had sanded way to much and the stain was picking up in places I didn't want it to. I starting thinking that it would be okay and maybe I needed to see the whole picture before I gave up.
But by the time I had stained the whole of it I was so frustrated that I grabbed some spray paint and started to cover up my big flub.
It started to look good again so I ran down to the store for a can of black paint and just kept going till the whole hutch was gleaming. I think it looks great black and fits in well in our family room, and I'm so relieved I was able to fix my flub. My hubby wouldn't have been impressed if it continued to sit in the garage.

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  1. It turned out perfect! I know how you feel cause some of my projects I repainted and repainted until I liked it. A lot of work, but so worth it when you finish with something fabulous!