Tuesday, September 10, 2013

more DIY furniture projects

Last Summer, shortly after we moved into our new place, I became addicted to Kijiji. 
I found so many deals there! Luckily I was able to kick the habit, and have stayed clear for a while. I could spend a lot of time searching for furniture to make-over.

This piece was a STEAL!!! I got it for $10.00!!!!! But it wasn't so pretty to begin with.

It started out covered in a purple/speckled/textured paint. Now don't get me wrong I love purple, it's been my favorite color since high school until recently (now it's #2), however this wasn't a good purple. So I headed down to the hardware store and picked up supplies I'd need to recreate this cabinet into something awesome.

One of the things I needed was paint stripper. This baby was COATED with layers of paint and there was no way I was going to be able to sand all the layers off. 
So I suited up with my stylish mask and got to work (that stuff STINKS!!).

See the peeling top layers? Pretty disgusting. I would have been sanding for days . . . . 

Things started moving along fairly well so I kept going. The top was easy.

The front and sides were a different story. With angled sides and detail work on the door, it took more work than I had anticipated. It was pretty messy, but I managed to get most of the paint off.

After stripping the paint there was still a lot of sanding to do. Boy, did I ever wish I had a power sander. Maybe I'll get one for Mothers Day this year (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I didn't want to spend too much time painting the inside of it so I just sprayed it with a coat of blue.

While I had the spray paint out I also covered this Fleur de Lis that I found on clearance at Home Sense! I was so excited when I found it while shopping with my Grandma and sister. I think they might have thought I was a little crazy for being so excited about it.

After a few coats of turquoise paint and lots of sanding, distressing and staining, I think its fantastic!

I also managed to find the ornate mirror, which was originally gold, on Kijiji. 
I'm pretty happy with my little vignette at my front door.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Costume Creations

I love Halloween & I love sewing & I love dressing up my family and myself.

The first costume I finished this year was a Yellow Crayon (by special request). Ivy saw an advertisement with crayon costumes and decided that was what she wanted. She loves yellow. Every time she colors she looks for the yellow crayon! For this costume I flew-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I created a tube that would fit around her, cut out the black accents and sewed them on to the tube. Then I made an oval shaped piece to go on top of the tube to hold the costume on her shoulders. After it was all together I cut a hole in the top for her head, put it on her and marked where to cut the arm holes. I also created a cone hat and covered it with felt. I left the back open so she could run, jump, dance and sit down easily. My favorite part is the word 'Yellow' on the side . . . just like a Crayola crayon!

The next costume I completed was Caesar! I made the entire costume, head to toe. And I had such a blast.

My favorite part of his costume was the sandals. I traced his foot and cut out 2 layers of craft foam and 1 layer of cardboard. I covered them with fabric and hot glue, cut off the excess fabric and put the separate pieces together. I just love those long straps wrapped around his legs!

Holly's costume was "Super H". We have an old cape I made when Hazel was 3 that has an appliqued "H" on the back. I figured it was the perfect time to recycle it.

 Check out that puking pumpkin. My hubby was so proud of it.

The big girls painted a pumpkin. There were two faces on opposite sides. They were both vampires

Hazel was a rockstar. No one in particular, just herself.  I re-purposed a woman's shirt from a thrift store into a dress for her and made a simple vest out of black lace.
Sage was a few different characters. When you have 3 different opportunities to dress up, why not?!! At the ward Halloween party she was Hermione. For the school dance and Halloween night she dressed as Rapunzel.

I was Cleopatra and I had so much fun just preparing to dress up. There are an unreal amount of video tutorials on how to do Cleopatra make-up. I used a black dress I had in my closet and created the neck/shoulder piece, belt and cape myself. The make-up and hair really brought it all together though. Holly cried the first time I did a test run. And on the nights I was all dressed up she wasn't too sure of me. My Mom and sister commented that they didn't recognize me when they first saw the photos. Excellent! That means I did a good job!!

It was pretty cold Halloween night so we dressed in a few more layers. Ivy was wearing two coats, allowing her to have the most stamina of the night. When the older girls were done trick-or-treating for the night due to the cold, she wanted to keep going. She ran up to the doors for the whole last block! And she had so many compliments on her costume, which made Mommy feel pretty good.

We ended Halloween night by stopping at our good friends' to chat for a few minutes. My friend Jen created awesome Angry Birds costumes completely on her own. Aren't they great? She did an amazing job.

I just love all the creating that Halloween brings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

garage projects

Since moving into our new home I've really loved having more space, an actual office area, a big backyard, an ensuite (what a treat!), a pantry and a beautiful kitchen. But the one thing I've enjoyed the most so far is having our very first garage!! It has become my little workshop and I love it. There are always so many things I want to do, but I didn't always have a place to start something and leave it. In our last place I could leave projects outside if I knew it wasn't going to rain or there wasn't any snow. But space was limited, kids were in that space constantly when it was nice out, and with children you get interrupted too many times to take a chance!
So this garage/workshop of mine has been AWESOME!!
This has led to a new addiction for me - Kijiji!! I've gotten some great deals from Kijiji which has helped to furnish our home a bit more and it has spurred on my creativity!

For one of my purchases I decided I wanted something different for our TV setup and I found this great old Ikea hutch for $30. It was gray and I thought "I can make this look even better!"
  I started by painting it white. Then I started to sand, and it looked fantastic and I was getting super excited. I was ready to start making it look antique and distressed so I rubbed Dark Walnut stain on it and I ruined it!
I was so disappointed! It looked even worse than the photos. I had sanded way to much and the stain was picking up in places I didn't want it to. I starting thinking that it would be okay and maybe I needed to see the whole picture before I gave up.
But by the time I had stained the whole of it I was so frustrated that I grabbed some spray paint and started to cover up my big flub.
It started to look good again so I ran down to the store for a can of black paint and just kept going till the whole hutch was gleaming. I think it looks great black and fits in well in our family room, and I'm so relieved I was able to fix my flub. My hubby wouldn't have been impressed if it continued to sit in the garage.

long time no blog

Well its been forever since I've posted anything but I've a got a good reason. LIFE!
We've been busy for the last few months (but are we ever not busy? nope).
Here is a quick run down of our current events . . .

At the beginning of May Hazel broke her arm falling trying to catch a ball at school. Luckily it was high up on the arm so she didn't have to be casted, just a sling to keep the weight off. It made dressing and showering so much easier than it could have been.

My favorite little sister got engaged!!!! So we started wedding planning and preparing.
I'm so lucky she asked me to be her matron of honor.

We finished the school year and said goodbye to teachers and bus drivers.

At the end of June we moved to a new home. An actual stand alone home!!!! We love it! There is so much room and it has been such a treat. After almost 10 years of marriage its great to be in a home at last. Don't get me wrong, the apartments and townhouses that we lived in were, for the most part, pretty good, but with 4 children it was time to move up!

The girls have been riding bikes. Sage taught herself to ride a two wheeler! and my parents got Hazel a new 10 speed bike! They have been having lots of fun riding around the new neighborhood. We have a park, green space and ravine right across the street and there are lots of children on our block, so we don't have to do much to keep the girls entertained.

Sage has been a bit of a dare devil. She even forgets to look up sometimes and then this happens.
She ran her bike into the curb and then fell and hit her face on the sidewalk. She broke the bone under her front teeth and had to have a brace put across the front teeth to hold it in place to heal, and a stitch put in the skin below the gums. She was such a trooper though. She had never been to the dentist before (I know bad mom) and she sat still and calm the whole time while the dentist repaired everything. The very next day she asked "Can I ride my bike?" !!!! NO NO NO!!! I couldn't believe it. Talk about bouncing back.

Then last week the girls went to visit my grandparents for a few days at their farm. My two very young cousins were there, Corvin and Tividar. They are around Hazel and Sage's age and they all had a great time together. One of their favorite things to do is to jump on the big round bales of hay. Before the girls left I gave them specific instructions to be extra careful and not to hurt themselves or break anything!!
 Well wouldn't you know it, my Grandma called Tuesday evening to tell me that Hazel jumped off the bales and hurt her foot. She was in a lot of pain and was having a hard time talking to me on the phone. I couldn't believe it!!
So off to emergency they went while I waited by the phone to hear if she had broken it. Luckily she only had a bad sprain and had to use crutches for the week. She was so proud of herself because the nurse said she had never seen a child take to crutches so easily before!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a felt play mat

We recently celebrated a BIG SIXTH BIRTHDAY here!! 
And the birthday girl put in an order for what she wanted:
"A doll with blue hair, shoes, makeup, red lips, her eyes open, her hair down and a blue dress"

So I obliged . . . and she loves it.

And since the birthday we've seen and heard a lot about these long tresses. It is such a great princess movie.

I was most excited about this last gift for her. Like any household with several young children we have scads of mini figurines, polly pockets and littlest pet shop toys. When I found these fabulous play mats made by Kimbo at A Girl and A Glue Gun I knew I had found a great companion toy for all our mini toys. Kimbo has created several amazing, creative play mats for boys and girls!

So here is my take on a girl's play mat. Ariel and Nemo in the pond, a princess' castle, a garden, tree house, barn, and the school, bus and playground. I also added Rapunzel's tower hidden behind trees since our girls loved the movie so much.

Thank goodness the birthday girl was willing to share, cause everyone wanted to play with it!